About Matt Muirhead

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                                                                Photo Credit: Jim Jackson Rahn Photography

risk takers understand risk

When I was a boy growing up in Hawaii, access to our family land was blocked by a gate. The gate was made of old wood logs, held together by barbed wire and rusted nails. Opening the gate meant moving into a place of unbounded possibilities. It was all we needed to keep the world at bay.

At the same time, it was a reminder of the possibilities and opportunities that lay beyond. Every time I opened the gate I could feel my imagination come alive. Insurance is like a gate. It shields you from the wild world out there, while specific programs will open the way for your business to grow and take new paths.  

As an adult, every time I get in that canoe with my team, I take a chance, on my teammates, on the ocean, on the tides. I understand risk and I want you to help you to be protected. So please, browse the site and learn about our services. When you’re ready, contact us. And we’ll open a new gate together.

-Matt Muirhead, Principal