Workers Comp

Workers Compensation has many critical elements that a business must deal with. It can also represent the largest insurance dollar, as well as impact the workforce in lost productivity. We understand this and recognize it is about people. When behaviors change and employees are engaged productivity goes up and costs go down. We invite you to inquire about our comprehensive plans, alternative programs, safety culture development, in-house loss control and claims management.

Commercial Insurance

We understand every business is different. Our solutions are driven by listening, first; and then finding answers to your specific risks. We can help you implement a risk management strategy and the insurance coverages to protect your business and ensure that your business continues to have an opportunity to be successful. As a partner with The Liberty Company Brokers, we partner with the nation’s leading carriers. Our long-standing relationships enable us to place your policy with the company offering the best coverage at a competitive price.

Employee Benefits


New Gate can help you bring fresh thinking and expertise to help you stay on top of compliance and market trends. In a difficult marketplace, few factors will positively influence your company’s growth and viability more than the health and satisfaction of your employees. Let our experts design a benefits solution that does the job.

Risk Management

Experience and understanding count when it comes to managing your risk. Your company faces certain risks, some of which are unique. You deserve a trusted partner who will actively listen to and understand your concerns. New Gate will design risk management strategies for your high risk areas. You benefit from having a partner who will seek to truly understand your business and then collaboratively develop a plan to reduce both exposure and costs.